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They’re Here! New Galleries Online

That’s right!  It’s Monday, and there are new galleries online for your viewing and purchasing pleasure. For the next two weeks, I’m offering a special sale.  You can save 20% on all orders that total over $100.  So take advantage now because the galleries will stay, but the discount will be gone after September 10th….

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The March Madness Sale and Support Drive

March is one of my favorite times of the year.  St. Patrick’s Day, warm weather, and I just had a birthday.  But beyond all of that is that wonderful event known as March Madness.  I spent a long while trying to figure it out, and finally thanks to a friend I was able to watch…

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Hello Everyone!

Welcome to my new travel blog. In the coming months, you’ll see posts on my past travels, current trips, future plans, travel tips, bucket list, music choices, minimalism, and other random subjects that may get added to the mix. Also, you will see things change around here as new galleries and links will be added…

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