Florence, Part Two – Late Night Concerts And Huge Steaks

“Nothing is more simple than greatness; indeed, to be simple is to be great.”  Ralph Waldo Emerson

On my second day in Florence, I woke up early and headed to see Michael Angelo’s David.  There are certain things in this world that live up to their billing and others that do not.  I was afraid that this would be one of those that couldn’t come close to my expectations, but I am very grateful that it exceeded my hopes.

From there, I made my way around and visited the famous Uffizi Gallery.  Over the next two days, I took in a number of sights.  I loved the amazing Duomo and the climb up to the top.

Late that night, I stopped off to get some amazing gelato from Grom.  As I was walking and enjoying my gelato, I heard music around a corner.  I walked to see where it was coming from and heard beautiful sounds coming from an old church.  I finished my gelato and wandered in to enjoy a wonderful organ concert for the next hour.

On my last day, I wandered around some more. I had a great time wandering through the leather market and seeing all the amazing colors and designs.

Before I could leave the city, I had one major thing on my list…a Florentine steak.  I had heard about them and knew that it was one major indulgence I had to try.  I made my way to what was reported as one of the most authentic places in the city to have one.  The waiter asked me two different times if I was absolutely sure that I wanted one since it is about two pounds of slightly rare, but not bloody magnificence.

With my experience in Florence complete, I packed up and was heading to the train station.  I took a wrong turn and saw a huge sign for a photography exhibit.  I had some extra time so I stopped off and went to check it out.  It was a collection of Brian Duffy’s work as well as photos from the last two hundred years.  I was blown away by the entire museum and I could hardly believe that I almost missed it.

Here are my photos from the rest of my time in Florence.  Enjoy.

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