Rome, Part Two – The Big Stuff

“When one man, for whatever reason, has the opportunity to lead an extraordinary life, he has no right to keep it to himself.” – Cousteau

I was starting to feel the effects of my hectic week as I started out on my second day in Rome.  I had a lot on the agenda and only a couple of days to see it all, so I packed my stuff for the day and headed out.

I decided to walk to the Coliseum as it was only a couple of miles and the weather was astoundingly good after two days of rain.  I learned later that there are better options for saving time.  You can book a tour and save lots of time while spending a bunch more money, but you can also go over to the Forum and buy your ticket there as it covers both.  You’ll spend the exact same amount of money and roughly one third the time.

After my long wait, I made it into the Coliseum.  As impressive as it is from the outside, it’s even more so on the inside. I was using some free audio guides I downloaded via itunes that were informative.  I have since learned about a remarkable app that I will talk about later.

I walked around there for an hour or so and then made my way over to the Forum.  I found the Forum to be less impressive having just seen the Coliseum, so I would recommend seeing it first.  Then I walked around for a while to see some of the other amazing structures in the area.

After a while, I made my way to the Pantheon to have my expectations blown out of the water yet again.  I spent some time just sitting and staring at the architecture.

And finally, I made my way over to the super popular Trevi Fountain.  I was running low on energy and daylight so I took my photos and left.  The day was amazing, but my body had enough and the next day ended up being a personal rest day where I did a whole lot of nothing.

All in all, Rome was a great stop.  I think two to three days was enough for me this time around.

Here are some photos from the second part of my trip to Rome.

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