Rome, Part One – Three Very Different Catholic Sites

“Simplicity is making the journey of this life with just baggage enough.” Charles Dudley Warner

I arrived late on a rainy night from Positano and found the great little B&B where I was staying in Rome.  I settled in to the room, bought groceries at the local market, and went to bed early knowing that the next day would be a long one.

I woke up and headed for the first major destination on my list, the Vatican.  I didn’t spend the extra money for the tour, so I spent about 40 minutes in line while it misted on me.  I finally made it inside and dried off. I walked around for a while and then ran into two fun couples from California.  We hit it off right away and ended up hanging out for most of the day.

The Vatican is pretty mind blowing in terms of the sheer number of things that you can see in one location.  It is like a smaller version of the Louvre.  Of course, the highlight is the Sistine Chapel.  It is one of those places in this world that you could just sit and stare for hours without being able to full take in everything.

After a while, we made our way outside and around to see St. Peter’s.  I was blown away again, but this time it was from the sheer scale of the church.  The art was amazing, but it was hard to even imagine how many hours of labor went into such a building.

The weather broke so we took the opportunity to go up via an elevator to the roof.  The elevator only takes you so far and then you are still left with a lot of stairs.  The view was amazing and I was able to capture some of my favorite images of the day from up top.

Afterwards, we headed over to what was one of the weirdest stops of my entire journey.  Sadly, the folks at the Cappucin crypts won’t allow photographs at all and were unbelievably strict about their rule.  So I have no images to show of the rooms that were decorated with the various bones of hundreds of people.  They created really interesting and hauntingly beautiful pieces of art from different bones.  You can click here if you’re curious about it.

All in all, it was three very different experiences at three very interesting sites all run by different branches of the Catholic church.  It was fun start to Rome and a very busy day.

Here are some images from the first part of my trip to Rome.  Enjoy

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June 6, 2012 - 11:06 pm

Ron Hardin - I have to agree with you my friend. We just came from Paris /namely the Louvre where Ab and I walked out totally overwhelmed and in stimulation overload. What a vast amount of culture and treasures. We’ll be Rome bound in about a week. See you when we all get home.

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