Agrigento – Ancient Temples, Fashionable Streets, And Friendly Faces

“Purity and simplicity are the two wings with which man soars above the earth and all temporary nature.” – Thomas Kempis

I arrived in Agrigento late in the day and didn’t get to see much the first day other than a load of fashion stores on my way to the hotel.  The next day I got my ticket to the Valley of the Temples and heard a couple of people on the bus talking in English.  We started chatting and ended up having a great time hanging out all day.

Seeing the ancient temples was a very interesting experience.  Just seeing the scale of what the Temple of Zeus would have been was breathtaking.

We left the Valley of the Temples and made our way back up to the city.  We grabbed some beers and sat to watch people walk up and down the street in all their fashionable outfits.  Seriously, it was like watching a fashion show on cobblestone streets.

Later that night, we bought some pizzas, cheese, chocolate, prosciutto, and wine.  We took over the common room at my hotel and watched The Muppet Movie while enjoying our small feast.  It was a great night.

Here are a few photos from Agrigento.  Enjoy.

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