Palermo – Weird fountains and funky bands

“Experience is how life catches up with us and teaches us to love and forgive each other.” – Judy Collins

I loved Palermo.  It is a very interesting city.  There were some great things to see.  Especially the opera house used in the closing scenes of The Godfather and the duomo that features 3 very different types of architecture.

There is a fountain in Palermo that was shipped from a private estate in Florence that is full of weird naked statues.  I wandered around the city for a couple of days and saw nothing that even compares to it.

On the first day, I saw a poster for a band playing in the city that night.  I decided to look up the venue to see how far away it was and it was only 2 blocks from my hotel.  I enjoyed a nice dinner with some new friends from Florence who shared their conversation and part of their meal, and then headed to the little club to hear “Heike Has The Giggles” play.  It was a good show and cost about 4 bucks to get in.

I also tried a couple of things for the first time.  I had my first serving of gelato in brioche bun and it was pretty spectacular.  I also tried my first serving of spleen in a bun and it was less spectacular.

Overall, the city was a pretty great way to start off my trip through Sicily.  Here are some pics from the first couple of days.

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