Istanbul, Part Six – Old Houses And Wild Horses

“Still fair vision lives! Say nevermore that dreams are fragile things.  What else endures of this broken world?  Save only dreams.” Author Unknown

Ok, it’s time for my final installment of the Istanbul series and wrap up Turkey for now. After my time in Pamukkale, we headed on to Antalya.  It only took a couple of hours of snow and cold before I decided to head back to Istanbul a day early.

I checked the couchsurfing website for events before I headed back to Istanbul and sure enough there was a day trip out to Princes’ Islands for a big photo walk.  I reached Istanbul early in the morning and made my way to my friend G’s place.  There I met Matt, who was also going to the photo walk.  After dropping off my big bag and freshening up, we were off.

On the ferry ride over, I met a guy from Tunisia and another from Argentina.  The guy from Tunisia recognized my tilt shift lens and we started talking about photography.

The group was much larger than we expected and for those of you who don’t know, I enjoy finding things that are off the beaten path.  So I ended up lagging behind and then leapfrogging the group when they stopped.

At the top of a mountain, I spotted another area that I really wanted to see before leaving.  My new friend from Tunisia agreed to join me and we broke off to explore.  One of the things that I loved about the island was the fact that there are a number of horses just roaming free in the woods and on the streets.  Between that and the many cool rundown houses, I was in heaven for the afternoon.

We shot for what seemed like way too long, but managed to find shortcut around the peak of the island and ended up beating the group to the ferry area by almost thirty minutes.  Below are images from my last real day in the Istanbul area.  Enjoy.

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