Istanbul, Part Two – Giant Mosques and Underground Cisterns

“Do not be too timid and squeamish about your actions. All life is an experience.”  - Ralph Waldo Emerson

Ok, more on Istanbul.  The next day, I headed out to see some sights early.

I started with the impressive Blue Mosque.  I’ve seen some amazing structures, but I was not prepared for the view inside.  It pretty much qualifies as a breathtaking view.  The distance from floor to ceiling (about 120 feet) is so much that I could not fit it all in the frame even with a really wide lens on the camera, but I did get some of the amazing detail on the ceiling patterns.

After visiting there, I headed over to the Basilica Cistern.  I was told about the cistern by a lady who came to buy some of my stuff when I was having my giant moving sale in Memphis.  She told me that I needed to check it out.  I have a series of notes in my iphone with recommendations from people all over the world.  Some of them I’m able to check out, but others just don’t fit in the itinerary.

The cistern is underground and is unbelievable.  It has 336 marble columns, covers nearly 2.4 acres, and has an estimated capacity of over 21 million gallons.

As I walked on, I found loads of interesting stuff to photograph along the street.  I stopped onGalataBridgewhere lots of men were fishing almost all the way across on both sides.  Even late at night you can still find people with their lines out into the water.

Eventually, I reached the area I was to meet Anastasia and ducked into a coffee shop to relax and check out my photos from the morning.  I was excited with what I got and some of my favorites are below.

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