What Kind Of Blog Is This?

“If a man does not keep his pace with his companions, perhaps it is because he hears a different drummer.  Let him step to the music which he hears, however measured or far away.” – Henry David Thoreau, Walden

Some people might read “The Decision” and think this blog will be all about the process of leaving the world of normal business.

If that’s what you want to read, I can give you a list of amazing people whose sites inspired me.  But between you and me, they are much better at talking about that amazing topic than I am.  Besides, I am just getting started on that part of my life.

I’ve taken quite a bit of time to think through where I really saw this blog in a year, in two years, and beyond.  I definitely want it to be more than an “I went here and saw _____” type of blog.  As awesome as some of my adventures are, even close friends and family could get bored with that over and over.

I will talk about subjects that are dear to my heart: experiencing life, travel, and minimalism.  I may also talk about things that piss me off: complacency, fake people, and even some of the ideals we hold on to because we think they’re the only option.  You’ll get a little photo education along the way, for those who care to listen; and introductions to some of the people who inspire me.

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Then there’s twitter.  I’ll be posting extra images using Instagram, random thoughts, and cool updates as I travel.  You can follow me at @traveloguephoto  Warning: there will be numerous pics of alcohol and other things that may border on offensive to any of you who are easily offended.

And last but not least, you can like my Facebook page.  I’ll post extra content on there a few times a week that will include links to great reads, travel tips, and product reviews that might not make it to the blog.  It’ll be a fun ride.

I don’t think that it’s fully possible to explain the mental image that comes to mind when someone says “Like My Facebook” page without grossing some of you out, but here it goes.

My roommate for college orientation was named Mick.  There are many other stories I could tell you about Mick, but only one really applies here.  Mick was known for a number of things, but one is for his extraordinary way of greeting people.

From time to time, Mick would be introduced to total strangers and proceed to lick the side of their face.  Say what you want about hygiene and personal space issues, you knew right off the bat what you were getting with Mick.  If you stuck around, you would have the privilege of knowing one of the most honest and genuine people you might ever meet.

So here’s my gift to you, a no nonsense bullshit free lick upside your face.  If you want to stick around, I will be brutally honest about the places I visit, the things I experience, and the stuff that’s on my mind (with a tad bit of filtering cause trust me, I even freak over some of that mess).  Now that you’ve been properly warned, feel free to click on any and all the options below.

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